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Customer Testimonials

Hearn Academy, Charter School
17606 North 7th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85023
With over 26 years of experience providing and installing the highest quality LED and static signs in the state of Arizona, Precise Sign is the best choice for your new signage. Precise Sign only uses the highest quality LED's on its digital boards. This ensures that your boards will be brighter, clearer, and therefore seen by more people. Some of our past projects include sports arena displays/ scoreboards, school displays/ scoreboards, church message centers, and retail/ corporate signage. Feel free to look through our past projects in the gallery to see how we've helped our clients gain exposure, get more customers, and extend their professional image to their business front.
American Lutheran Church
P.O. Box 254
Patagonia, AZ 85624 17200 North Del Webb Boulevard
Sun City, AZ 85373

Shortly after we made the decision to install an electronic sign at "American Lutheran Church of Sun City", we began the process of interviewing prospective sign companies to do the job.

We interviewed three (3) different companies and quite frankly they were all fairly competitive with their bids.

However, we were favorably impressed with the overall family effort that Precise Sign put forth up front. The bid from Precise Sign was all inclusive. The contract was written to include literally everything right down to pulling permits and training Church personnel on the use of the sign. Precise Sign also used a high grade latex paint to help eliminate damage from hail storms, like we had here in the valley a couple of years ago.

Finally, Amanda Lauridsen was thoroughly a joy to work with throughout the entire process. Amanda kept us informed on a regular basis of everything that was going on. There were absolutely no additional "surprise fees" at the end. We would not hesitate to recommend Precise Sign for any small or large job.

-Jerry G./ Project Manager 623-975-7376.

Patagonia Public Schools
P.O. Box 254
Patagonia, AZ 85624


I have known Precise Sign for the past five years and have great respect. I have always appreciated their knowledge, dedication, and professionalism, and will continue to use them for future projects.

Being a family owned business and a tight group; they are caring, flexible and utilize their talents to meet the customer needs while reaching a common goal. For example, Precise Sign recently completed a Marquee project for me at Patagonia Union High School. I gave them my budget and some ideas and they created a unique and custom marquee that fit with our current colors, logo, and theme of our school. Their competitors had their own ideas, models, and designs that cut corners and fulfilled their own objectives.

In addition, even though we are a tiny school of 67 students in a small rural town in Southern Arizona, I felt like our project was treated with significance and importance from the first contact through its completion. Even today and many months after the project was completed, Precise Sign continued to support us. They teach and give us technical support as we continue to learn and better understand the technology.

I appreciate the business Precise Sign has executed with me, and therefore, give them the highest recommendation.

-Jeff Sweet, MAED, MBA/ Dean of Students
(520) 394-3018, jsweet@patagonia.echalk.com

Desert Palms Presbyterian Church
13459 West Stardust Boulevard
Sun City West, Arizona 85375

June 14, 2012

During October 2011, I became involved with the electronic sign at Desert Palms Presbyterian Church. Amanda Lauridsen and Precise Sign were there every step of the way helping the church with specifications, design, and county regulations.

When the sign was installed in November, Amanda met with us to explain the program and to help us design our initial displays. Since that time she has been available to answer calls & e-mails and has met with us to further our knowledge. The personal contact has been extremely important because, while we are computer users, we are not experts.

Precise Sign has been there to answer questions and to come out to check on hardware issues. Never have we felt on our own.

Working with the sign has been and continues to be a rewarding experience. Without reservation I would recommend both Precise Sign and Amanda Lauridsen.

-Sarah Anderson/Sign Programmer
Desert Palms Church

I/we believe you and Precise Sign did a nice job for us and we are pleased with how it all came about.

As far as the effectiveness of the sign, this is a little more difficult to evaluate. I know we got the sign operational late on a Wednesday and there was two couples who came to church that Sunday and said they saw the sign and came because of it. About one month later I was told that there were at least eleven people who had reported that they had attended our church after seeing the sign. One indication that people are reading the sign and its effectiveness is that our exercise class I would say has all but doubled since we have use the sign to inviting all to attend.

We have not had any problem with the signs operation since the antenna was relocated.

There were a few people who did not see the benefits of the sign initially and they told me so. I have not heard from anyone during the last 6-8 months who had any bad thing to say about the sign and all comments were very positive. I believe all the negative people have turned positive.

-John S./Engineer; Project Manager
Desert Palms Church

West Bell Plaza
4025 W Bell Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85053

Precise signs gave us a very good bid (lowest) to replace our old monument sign at our 30,000 sq ft. office building on West Bell Road with a brand new Daktronics electronic messaging center. It was a difficult job to get the zoning and permits through but they hung in there and helped us all that they could every step of the way. Clark Lynch went out of his way to help with all the details, The installation went great and everybody in the building absolutely LOVES the sign. I do the programming myself using the Daktronics software and we have been getting a great response from our customers and the tenants in the building. Amanda helped me learn the software and they have been right on top of any little glitches which were all fixed immediately. I could not be happier with our decision to work with them and to go with the Daktronics messaging center. It just transformed our buildings appearance and really improved the outlook for everyone in the building. They could not have done a better job for us.

-Dr. Clark Jones
Bellevue Heights Church
9440 Hutton Drive
Sun City, AZ 85351

April 11, 2013

Dear Mr. Lauridsen,

When our Board approved a new sign for our church, we began the process of interviewing prospective sign companies. We interviewed three different companies and they were all fairly competitive with their bids.

We were favorable impressed with the design Amanda Lauridsen submitted. The bid she submitted from Precise Sin was all-inclusive. The contract was written to include literally everything right down to pulling the permits and training Bellevue Heights Church personnel on the use of the sign. Precise Sign also use high grade latex paint.

Amanda was a joy to work with throughout the entire process. She us informed on a regular basis of everything that was going on. There absolutely no additional "surprise fees" at the end. We would recommend Precise Sign fro any job, large or small.

Reverend Dr. Tim Andersen

Freestone Rec Center
Town of Gilbert
Parks & Recreation
90 East Civic Center Drive
Gilbert, AZ 85296
Dear Amanda,

I wanted to thank you for the follow-up email you sent on Friday, inquiring how things are going withour sign at the Freestone Recreation Center. In short, we are very satisfied with our purchase and truly appreciate the service received as we were going through the entire process including design, demonstration, permitting, construction, install and training.

You and your company were terrific to work with and did a great job making sure our expectations were met. The install was 9 months ago and you are still checking in to see how we are doing! It is a true testament to customer service when even though the job is complete, you are still following up to see how things are going. That practice is greatly appreciated.

I would highly recommend Precise Sign for any job big or small and would be happy to provide a reference to prospective clients. Please don't hesitate to ask if I can ever be of assistance in this area.

Thank you again, Amanda, for all of your work on the Freestone sign project and your commitment to providing great customer service
to your customers.

-Rene Carlin
Town of Gilbert Parks & Rec.